Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Please move along...

There's nothing to see here folks. The bike theme is nice, but so limiting. If anything good and bikey happens, it can be found in my bikejournal entries or on my new, broader blog, Magic Pants Jones is the Present. I'll see you over there.


Monday, August 6, 2007

Big Summer Bike Weekend #1

Saturday started off without a hitch. After four hours of sleep, our MS 150 training ride rolled out with a lot of our Monday regulars. The route was good, and the riding was good. A few people went off on their own, to work, to ride faster, or to ride slower, 'but that's okay, you all go ahead, we'll ride together.' The only hitch came from riding with a young girl who didn't have all her bike skills down. Someone needs to teach that girl about shifting! I showed her a little, but she needs more skills. Also, she needs to learn about food and drink on a ride. I saw her on another ride, a coooold, windy ride last winter, wearing shorts and a jersey. Did wolves buy her her bike? Are they waiting for her to die on the road so they can eat her carcass? Thanks to the 4R's for helping out with her on the route!

Sunday was Paul's birthday, and to celebrate, he got two flats. This resulted in a mini team time trial to catch back on. Bill's long pulls killed me, and I must admit, I complained a bit. In my defense, though, riding that fast, for that long, with wind always makes my back hurt. After hitting Buddy Boy's, I had it back. My speed, back, and attitude were all back to normal.

This week would be the week of bikes now, two night rides, two or three morning rides, and Friday, Fred & I head up to the mountains for me to do two things:
1. Groan slowly up mountainsides, with my coastal Florida flatland legs whimpering.

2. White-knuckle it down mountain sides, trying not to die.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I said I wanted to spend more time on my bike!

And now it's coming.
This weekend I'm doing a group ride from the shop for people getting ready to do the MS 150. I've got a 50 mile course planned out on pretty roads. It should be fun, I just wish we had a van following along.

Sunday is the monthly World Golf Village ride, 50 hot, speedy miles. I'm looking forward to that!

I've got all next week off, so I should be able to get some good riding in if the weather cooperates. I'm sitting inside typing on a day off right now because of the rain. Poop.

Then comes the news from Fred. He's moving out of town soon, so he and I are doing the mountains weekend we've always talked about. Next weekend, we're loading up the bikes and heading to greater Greenville, SC for a stay at his dad's place and two days of riding. I'm considering picking up a climbing cassette for the occasion, as it's not often I get to do real climbs here in Florida.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I need more miles!

What is the internet for if it isn't for people to sit and twiddle their navels, whining, hoping people are listening? Oh yeah, that's right it's really about commerce, nekkid people, and google maps.

I have a spoiled, selfish complaint this summer. It's annoying of me to complain, though and here, for perspective, is why:
-I'm thankful to have the summer off from teaching so that I'm able to work at the bike shop.
-I'm thankful that said job has gotten me my dream bike.
-If I really was committed to getting rides in, I could get up earlier and ride before work.

Now, the whining. I wish that the shop I work at wasn't thirty miles away. With all of the drive time, dog walking, and laziness in my soul, I've had a tough enough time getting to work by 10. If only I could start at noon every day, I'm sure I'd be riding more.
Well. Next week, there're no excuses. I've got a week off with no school stuff, and no bike shop stuff. Ride, ride, ride, movie, movie, movie, straighten out the apartment. That'll be my life for a week until I go back to school.

Even then, I'm gonna ride each morning before I go to work on my class, and when school starts, my bike will be parked in my classroom each day so I can ride when the kids leave.

More miles are on their way, dear bike, I promise!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An inevitable comment, and a promise

Doping notwithstanding, bicycle racing is fun to watch. I wish I were more disappointed by the prospect of Vino's blood doping, but this just feels like another shoe I've been waiting on to drop. He didn't show up for one of the controls in last year's Vuelta. As much as I hate to ask, is it possible to be surprised anymore?

Promises, promises:
I will update with a photo of the new bike soon. Suffice to say, my Scott is a joy to ride. It likes to go fast, and makes doing so easy.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Isn't it ironic? Doncha think?

So this post, like the situations in Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic', is actually a well placed bummer rather than a piece of irony.

I spend the whole summer working at a bike shop, a job I usually like. It's very different from teaching 3rd grade, so it's almost occupational tourism. Why am I here though? One reason: to buy a ridiculously expensive bike. Seriously, the prices are outrageous, and the employee discount is nowhere near as great as I had hoped because the margin on bikes is a lot smaller than the margin on other stuff. But still, I wanted a bike that felt stable and fast. I also wanted a bike that looks pretty. I found it, I ordered it, and I'm done paying for it on Tuesday. (NOTE: Actually, my next payday is Friday, but I'm loaning myself the money for 3 days.)

I've been so excited, and doubly so because I have this Wednesday off. That means I can do the ride out at the beach that's ridiculously fast. Sounds fun!

But no, that option's drizzling away, as I see that that ride has been dropped from the schedule due to lawlessness. Seems that the ride leader was fed up with blokes being over the white line, and also with all the stop sign running. Poop. Not ironic, except to note that it was the Wednesday beach ride that got me realizing I would like a faster bike. Now I have one, and I need to find a new fast ride.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

In which I chicken out due to rain.

I'm sure it was just about a week ago that I decided that doing a quick 20 miles after work was a good idea. Getting those miles in would be a great way to keep from having short weeks, I determined. Here's the past week:
Monday - I was ride leader(and sweep) on the shop ride, so I got 22 miles in, but being sweep slowed my average way down.
Tuesday - Due to rain threats, no ride.
Wednesday - Skipped a club ride due to rain, got half the distance in on a post lunch ride later on. 23 miles.
Thursday - More rain, no ride.
Friday - More rain, no ride.
Saturday - Should've ridden, don't know why I didn't.
Sunday - today - I'm gonna get at least 25 miles in this evening before going to watch the Tour at Bill's house.

I'm going to start keeping my bike at the shop just to guarantee that I get a ride in. This is getting lame of me!

On a happier note, Robbie Mac scored me some points for my fantasy TdF team today. I never understood why fantasy sports leagues were so much fun until I found one for a sport I liked.